Tips and Tricks to Use Aruba Webmail: How-To Guide

Aruba Webmail is Aruba’s web-based email service. Aruba Webmail offers a variety of features that are designed to make your life easier. Aruba Webmail allows you to manage your contacts, create personalized emails, and filter messages from an inbox by sender or subject matter. Aruba Webmail also includes advanced security features such as spam filters and virus protection. In this how-to guide, we will go over some tips and tricks for using Aruba Webmail in order to take full advantage of the various features it has to offer!

Tips and Tricks to Use Aruba Webmail

Tips and Tricks to Use Aruba Webmail

The Aruba Webmail interface is relatively straightforward, but there are still some tricks and tips to make your email experience easier. Here’s how:

  • Aruba Webmail includes a number of keyboard shortcuts that can be used for faster navigation – I find that the “J” key scrolls down one page at a time, while Shift+Up or Down arrow will scroll up or down one line respectively.
  • The aruba mail inbox allows you to filter emails by the sender (you can do this through the menu bar on top), so if you’re looking only for messages from Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, etc., just select those services in order of preference and all other emails will vanish! You can also sort between unread/read emails.
  • Aruba Webmail also allows you to sign up for multiple accounts from the same account, and even switch between them with a single click – just follow the “Add an Account” link in the menu bar on top of your inbox page. That means that if you’re signed into Gmail but want access to Yahoo!, all you have to do is click this button and enter your password for Yahoo!
  • Aruba Webmail can be used offline too: before heading out of WiFI range or shutting down your computer, navigate over to settings and choose Offline Mode which will then allow loading messages without Internet connectivity (though note that attachments may not work).
  • Aruba Webmail has done away with its calendar applet since ArubaOS v.11, but Aruba Webmail does allow you to sign up for online calendars which can be added via the Arubacloud Apps link on your inbox page.

Aruba Webmail includes a built-in task manager: click “Aruba Tasks” from the menu bar and then create as many tasks as you want – these will show up under today’s date on top of the Aruba web interface (which is also where messages are displayed). You can even set reminders with alarms that go off at given times every day!